Tank Calibrations
DOMIKI PROODOS S.A is accredited from the Hellenic Accreditation System S.A under the terms of ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005.
Accreditation Certificate No 922.
The requirements of oil products market and gas station managers motivated DOMIKI PROODOS S.A. to design an innovative Tank Measurement Calibration System with calibration and measurement capability (0,05%).
In parallel, this need was converted to obligation, due to the implementation of the law for installing the "Fuel Input - Output" System, as well as, the demand for abidance by the law and international standards.

Tank Measurement Calibration

Data Analysis
Based on the most sophisticated metrical equipment.
ELOT EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • High accuracy flow meter indicating mass, density, temperature and volume with calibration and measurement capability <0,1%
  • High accuracy automatic level gauge of high precision
  • Scientifically engineered software
  • Fully trained and highly qualified personnel
  • Cooperation with the Hellenic Institute of Metrology for the correctness of our scientific method and results credibility

The system is fully automatic and non-affected by the human factor. Subsequently, the calibration software receives, stores and analyses the data in every measurement circle.
Data analysis is done using highly advanced mathematical models.
The final results are stored in volumetric tables which present the correlation inside the fuel tank between volume, level per mm and law abiding calculated uncertainty.

The volumetric tables are delivered to the gas station and according to these, the manager is clearly and precisely informed of the fuel volume delivered or stored inside the tanks.

The procedure is finished with the delivery of the proper accredited copper brass measurement level gauge per mm.
Schematic illustration of the tank calibration process
Schematic illustration of the calibration process while filling the tank with fuel
The measurements of the conventional volumetric method contain an error due to its great dependence to the human factor and the water temperature.
The above problems are solved with the use of the TMC system which offers:
  • High precision in every measurement cycle
  • Fully automatic procedure eliminating possibility of human error
  • High speed (5-7m3 per hour)
  • Use of advanced mathematic models for the creation of a high precision volumetric table per mm
  • Secure work using fuel ATEX equipment
  • Calibration of underground and above-ground tanks, as well as, tanker vehicles

DOMIKI PROODOS S.A., in every step of the Tank Measurement Calibration procedure, applies Quality Management System under the terms of ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 17025.